What is Tissue Engineering?

Tissue engineering uses a combination of cells, engineering, materials, manufacturing methods, and suitable biochemical and physiochemical factors to model, restore, maintain, improve, or replace tissues in humans and other animals. Tissue models are useful for many purposes, for example for testing potency and adverse effects of new drugs, and to gain insight on disease mechanisms. Additionally, tissue models reduce the need for animal models, and the use of human cells in tissue models can improve their predictive value for human health applications.

At DTU Health Tech, we develop materials and manufacturing methods to support culture and functional analysis of many human organ tissues, both for tissue models and use in the body. We use advanced 3D printers to shape materials for stimulating and analyzing the cultured tissue, as well as to integrate blood vessel-like channels for supplying oxygen and nutrients. Tissue behavior is monitored by integrated sensing materials and combined with more detailed analysis by 3D imaging techniques as input for computational modeling and understanding of the tissue responses.

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