What is Magnetic Resonance (MR)?

With Magnetic Resonance Imaging, it is possible to image the soft tissues in the body in a non-invasive manner. In the health sector, MR is often used for diagnostic purposes and monitoring of treatment.

At DTU Health Tech, we develop and enhance MR methodologies to enable visualization of complex processes and systems that previously were invisible, e.g. the inner workings of living cells or stimulation of brain neurons. And we develop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technologies to analyse and observe the molecular structure of materials.

Clinical MR scanner at DTU Health Tech

At DTU Health Tech we have a clinical MR scanner dedicated to research purposes, where we can scan humans and large animals. 
MR scanning is suitable for diagnosing various diseases such as brain diseases, diseases in the motor apparatus, and heart examinations. 

Installation of the MR scanner

In March 2022, our clinical MR scanner arrived at DTU Health Tech.

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Axel Thielscher

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Mathilde Hauge Lerche

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Pernille Rose Jensen

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