What is Hearing Technology?

The purpose of hearing technology is to help people with hearing impairment. Many existing technologies aim to do this, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices. These devices try to compensate for hearing impairment by amplifying sound acoustically or by circumventing an impairment by transferring sound to the listener through mechanical vibrations or electrical stimulation.

AT DTU Health Tech, we focus on building knowledge about the human auditory system and how we use it to communicate in everyday life, especially when the auditory system is impaired. The reason is that this knowledge is essential for improving existing technologies, and furthermore, for developing novel hearing technologies. We are working within specific research areas to contribute to this overarching theme, including auditory signal processing and perception, speech communication, audiology, objective measures of the auditory function, computational models of hearing, hearing instrument signal processing and multi-sensory perception.

Our findings are translated to the clinic and industry to improve, for example, hearing aids, cochlear implants, speech recognition systems as well as clinical diagnostic tools.
Check out one of our interdisciplinary activities with the Copenhagen Hearing and Balance Centre at Rigshospitalet in this short video featuring Assistant Professor Abigail Anne Kressner. 

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Torsten Dau

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Abigail Anne Kressner

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