Become tomorrow’s health tech engineer

At the Department for Health Technology, we develop and provide world-class education.

The department’s outstanding research profile, the didactical skills of our staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure provide a solid foundation for the education of tomorrow’s health tech engineers.

DTU Health Tech coordinates bachelor's and master's programmes, and runs multiple courses, summer schools and continuing education activities.

The education of PhD students is crucial for DTU Health Tech. Currently, app. 150 PhD Students are affiliated with DTU Health Tech.

Bachelor's Programmes

DTU Health Tech contributes to two bachelor's programmes

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Master's Programmes

DTU Health Tech contributes to five master's programmes

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Master_DTU Health Tech
Studying biomedical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark & University of Copenhagen is a journey of exploration, innovation, and creativity. It's an opportunity to combine the latest advancements in technology and medicine to solve real-world problems and improve human lives.
Nicole Priddey Barckhahn MSc Biomedical Engineering


DTU Health Tech runs numerous health technology related courses across DTU

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PhD School

PhD studies are an integrated part of the research conducted at DTU Health Tech

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Head of Education

Head of PhD School

Peter E. Andersen

Peter E. Andersen Groupleader, Senior Researcher

Study Secretary / PA

Antonia Celinah Majlund Bjørstorp

Antonia Celinah Majlund Bjørstorp Senior academic officer, study secretary/ PA for Head of Education

Study Secretary

PhD Coordinator

Tine Elkjær Jørgensen

Tine Elkjær Jørgensen PhD & Project Coordinator

PhD Coordinator