About DTU Health Tech

We develop health technology that heightens quality of life


Health and quality of life through technology


We educate health tech engineers for the future

We research and innovate next generation healthcare solutions

Health and quality of life through technology

At DTU Health Tech, we aspire to improve good health and quality of life through better prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. Our activities aim to create value, knowledge, and health solutions through technology to the benefit of people and a sustainable society.
We want to educate and inspire the health technology engineers of the future in a dynamic, innovative, and research-based environment. 
We aim to drive research and innovation towards the development of the next generation healthcare solutions. Our activities are focused within five central research areas:

  • Diagnostic Imaging includes a variety of technologies that help medical doctors see inside the body in a non-invasive manner with the purpose of finding the cause or location of disease or confirming a diagnosis. At DTU Health Tech, we work with biomedical imaging and the translation between preclinical models and the clinic, including bio-signal analysis, magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound imaging, radioisotopes and nuclear medicine, as well as medical imaging computing. 
  • Digital Health involves the use of information and communication technologies to address health problems and challenges faced by patients. At DTU Health Tech, we work with bioinformatics and digital health. Topics such as consumer health sensor technology, human-computer interfaces, biomedical signal processing, machine learning and prediction, as well as immune repertoire analysis are examples.
  • Personalised Healthcare is concerned with providing improved treatment through tailor-made treatment strategies and interventions to an individual patient or defined groups of individuals. At DTU Health Tech, we work with drug delivery, immunotherapy, drug screening platforms, cell therapy, vaccines, gene engineering, genomic profiling and bioinformatics, as well as immune system profiling.
  • Precision Diagnostic focuses on precisely managing a patient's diagnosis. At DTU Health Tech, we work with the development of new diagnostic systems, and in particular point-of-care diagnostics, and higher diagnostic sensitivity and speed. Furthermore, we are interested in sustainable diagnostics and drug monitoring.
  • Sensory and Neural Technology includes the work at DTU Health Tech within hearing, sensory and motor function in humans. Additional topics of interest involve auditory profiling, brain stimulation and neurophysics, signaling analysis, and brain function.

We collaborate with clinicians, other researchers, and industry, because we believe that the best results and ideas occur when we join forces across sectors and areas of expertise. 
DTU Health Tech comprises a unique interdisciplinary academic environment with competences in various areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science. Our widespread competencies support our goal to develop world-class technology, knowledge and innovation to improve health and quality of life of people. 



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