Research Section

Magnetic Resonance

Head of Section: Axel Thielscher

The section’s field of research and teaching is within Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in a broad sense, including applications, optical realizations, and analysis. Magnetic Resonance is a powerful spectroscopic technique providing detailed information about the structure and dynamics of molecules (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) or high-resolution anatomical and functional images (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Through technological and methodological research and innovation, we enable the study and manipulation of complex processes and systems previously not visible, e.g. the inner workings of living cells or the stimulation of brain neurons. Potential applications include improved clinical diagnosis, treatment monitoring and personalized medicine.

HYPERMAG, a center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, is a part of our research activities. The center is committed to studying basic research questions of nuclear spin hyperpolarization, exploiting the technique’s vast enhancement of the MR signal to enable new applications within medicine, biology and chemistry.

We run diverse state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate an interdisciplinary research effort. MR scanners are available through extensive collaboration with university hospitals in Denmark and internationally.

Head of Section: