Research Section

Cell and Drug Technologies (CDT)

Head of Section: Jonas Rosager Henriksen

The Cell and Drug Technologies research section focuses on developing innovative materials and techniques for healthcare and regenerative medicine. The common themes within this research section include:

  • High-resolution 3D printing: Researchers use precise 3D printing to create complex tissue models for drug development and disease modeling, addressing challenges related to oxygen and nutrient supply. 
  • Targeted therapies: The section explores targeted drug delivery systems for precise treatment and diagnostics, utilizing various vectors like nanoparticles and antibodies to target specific diseases.
  • Nanotherapeutics and ocular drug delivery, investigating nanotherapeutic strategies for treating degenerative retinal diseases, aiming to enhance efficacy and develop improved therapies.Biomaterials and biointerfaces, focusing  on advanced materials for therapeutic delivery and regenerative medicine, including the development of artificial red blood cells for emergency situations.
  • Tissue and organ modeling, through microfluidics, hydrogels, and 3D printing to construct physiologically relevant tissue and organ models, facilitating drug testing and studying tissue interactions.

The Cell and Drug Technologies research section aims to advance healthcare and regenerative medicine through pioneering approaches. By pushing the boundaries of materials science and engineering, researchers strive to improve treatments and enhance patient outcomes.

Head of Section:

Jonas Rosager Henriksen

Jonas Rosager Henriksen Head of Section, Associate Professor Mobile: +45 40582866