Research Group


Group leader: Anton A. A. Autzen

Our focus is the development and applications of polymeric materials. Building on the advances in polymer science, we create next-generation functional soft materials and tools for (bio)pharmaceuticals.

Research projects

Precision Polymer Synthesis

Radical polymerization techniques have gone through an immense development in the preceding decades. These advanced are have enabled applications that were previously outside of synthetic reach. Most importantly, the techniques are simple to apply, and can provide bulk amounts of material.

We take full advantage modern polymerization techniques to create tools for use in materials science, molecular biology, and biomedicine. Rapid synthesis, combined with relevant assays, allows fast identification of the polymer composition and architecture, resulting in a short turnaround in structure-function relationship for the polymers. By choosing composition and architecture carefully, we create materials with the desired properties.

Nanodisc Technologies

Amphiphilic polymers are characterized by having both hydrophilic pendant groups, and hydrophobic pendant groups. With just the right composition, size, and distribution of monomers, amphiphilic polymers can spontaneously form 2D nanodiscs with lipids. This has applications in the study of membrane proteins, as cells exposed to these polymers will have their lipid bilayer membranes solubilized into discs, with membrane proteins and complexes lodged in the disc.

We aim to expand nanodisc technologies, both in terms of the polymers themselves, and their applications.

Group Leader

Anton Allen Abbotsford Autzen

Anton Allen Abbotsford Autzen Groupleader, Associate Professor Department of Health Technology Mobile: +45 60249574