Research Group

Targeted Radionuclides

Group leader: Andreas Tue Ingemann Jensen

The Targeted Radionuclides group develops new drug delivery systems for targeted radionuclide therapy and diagnostics ("theranostics"). We combine expertise in organic synthesis, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, bioconjugations, nanotechnology and pharmaceutics, to enable all aspects of design and formulation of new radiopharmaceuticals. Our core targets are otherwise untreatable malignant diseases, such as brain cancers and metastatic cancers.

We employ all targeting vector classes, including nanoparticles, antibodies, peptides and small molecules. We prepare these targeting vectors and couple them with radionuclides that are obtained from either the cyclotron at the Hevesy Laboratory (DTU Health Tech), external collaborators such as nuclear reactor sites, or commercial sources. By having access to a wide range range of radionuclides, we investigate different modalities of targeted radiotherapy and quantitative molecular imaging. Of particular interest to us is Auger electron and alpha particle therapies, that each allow efficient and specific targeting and destruction of disseminated cancer cells, down to the cellular level. 

With our research, we hope to develop new innovative treatment for untreatable cancers, and to push the fields of radiopharmaceuticals forward.

Group Leader

Andreas Tue Ingemann Jensen

Andreas Tue Ingemann Jensen Groupleader, Senior Researcher Department of Health Technology Phone: +45 46775362 Mobile: 2012 6187