Research Center


Center Leader: Jens Hjortkjær

The Centre for Auditory Neuroscience (CAN)

The Centre for Auditory Neuroscience (CAN) was launched in 2023 and is supported by the William Demant Foundation and DTU. CAN strives to further the fundamental knowledge of the neurobiology of hearing. The centre aims to build infrastructure for research in auditory neuroimaging, auditory neuroscience and neural hearing technology in collaboration with hospitals, the hearing aid industry and research partners.
The auditory cognitive neuroscience lab focuses on understanding the auditory brain with the use of computational neuroimaging. The cognitive neuroscience lab also focuses on auditory neurotechnology and cognitively controlled hearing instruments. The integrative neuroscience lab focuses on development of basic and translational imaging of the auditory system to understand hearing pathologies and its consequences in the brain.


Jens Hjortkjær

Jens Hjortkjær Associate Professor Department of Health Technology Mobile: +45 30291690

Torsten Dau

Torsten Dau Head of Sections, Professor Department of Health Technology Phone: +45 45253977