Risø High Dose Reference Laboratory - HDRL

Risø HDRL services the radiation processing industry in Denmark and abroad, and in particular the medical device industry that sterilizes products using radiation.


Risø HDRL is accredited by Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund (DANAK) in accordance with EN ISO 17025:2005 for calibrations and dose measurements in the high-dose range 0.2 – 100 kGy.

Technical University of Denmark is appointed Designated Institute (DI) by the Danish Safety Technology Authority (“Sikkerhedsstyrelsen”) within 3 measurement areas: Length, Thermometry (Infrared) and Ionising Radiation (absorbed dose). Risø HDRL maintains the latter within high-dose measurements for industrial applications.

Accreditation document 
Accreditation information
Calibration and Measurement Capability – CMC

Risø HDRL services
1. Irradiation of dosimeters and samples to specified doses. Irradiations are carried out at the Risø HDRL cobalt-60 gamma-cells, at a 10 MeV electron accelerator or at the Risø HDRL 100 keV electron accelerator.

2. Calibration of dosimeters by irradiation of the dosimeters at the user’s facility together with HDRL reference transfer dosimeters.

Risø HDRL reference transfer dosimeters are
   -  dichromate solution in ampoules
   -  alanine pellets and films

Calibrations are carried out in accordance with the recommendations given in the report CIRM 29 (Guidelines for the calibration of dosimeters for use in radiation processing).

3. Issue of calorimeters for routine or reference dose measurement at the user’s electron beam facility.  Risø HDRL supplies the software CalDose for dose measurement with calorimeters.

4. Dosimetric validation of irradiation facilities for Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ – OQ) in accordance with the requirements in the international standard for radiation sterilization EN ISO 11137-1:2006.

5. Measurement of dose distribution in products for Performance qualification (PQ) in accordance with the requirements in the international standard for radiation sterilization EN ISO 11137-1:2006.

6. Risø B3 radiochromic dosimeter film or dose mapping.

7. RisøScan – software for dose measurement with radiochromic dosimeter film and an office scanner.

8. Other dosimetry equipment 
   - aluminium wedge for energy determination at electron accelerators,
   - phantoms for irradiation of dosimeters at gamma and electron accelerator facilities.

9. Courses on
   - Validation and Process Control for Low Energy Electron Beam irradiation
   - Validation and Process Control for Electron Beam Sterilization


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