Summer schools on "Micro and Nano Sensors" and "Drug Delivery"

Drug delivery using nano- and micro technologies and label-free micro and nano sensors are both emerging promising techniques. The two summer schools (drug delivery and micro and nano sensors) are run in parallel and with some lectures together and also with the possibility of lab projects within the two areas combined (but also with lab projects only in drug delivery and only focusing on micro and nano sensors). The program is planned every day from 9 am to 5 or 6 pm, and with some optional social activities some of the evenings.


The summer school takes place from 17 - 28 August 2020.


Examples of lab projects from last year (similar projects can be expected this year, but it might differ)

  • AFM-based drug bioimaging
  • 3-dimentional Raman mapping of microcontainers for oral drug delivery
  • Real-time electrochemical detection of drugs from microcontainers on a disc

    Demands for passing the summer schools
  • Joining and participating activelyin all the lectures and scientific discussions
  • Joining and participating actively in the lab projects
  • Preparing the poster and the pitch in the groups and actively participating in the pitch and poster session


When passing, you will obtain 5 ECTS points.

Registration fee: €400


Download flyer for summer school on Drug Delivery

Download flyer for summer school on Micro and Nano Sensors

Drug Delivery summer school
Read more about the summer school on Drug Delivery 2020 and sign up here.
Micro and Nano Sensors summer school
Read more about the Summer School on Micro and Nano Sensors and sign up here.


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Sign up deadline is 1 May 2020.

Payment deadline is 15 May 2020.

Please note that seats are filled on a first come first served basis.