Master's programmes within Health Technology

With a master's degree from DTU you will have a strong professional engineering profile.

Master programmes at DTU Health Tech

You can enroll in the two year master's programme with a bachelor's degree from DTU or another university. All master's programmes at DTU are taught in English.

The Department of Health Technology is responsible for the master's programmes in:

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Head of Studies: Professor Morten Nielsen

Biomaterial Engineering for Medicine

Head of Studies: Associate Professor Martin Dufva

Biomedical Engineering*

Head of Studies: Professor Jens Wilhjelm

Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling*

Head of Studies: Associate Professor Martin Dufva

Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering

Head of Studies: Associate Professor Andrew Urquhart

*The Master's programmes in Biomedical Engineering and Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling are offered in cooperation with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at Copenhagen University.


The department is also actively involved in the master's programmes in:

Engineering Acoustics

Head of Studies: Associate Professor Efren Fernandez Grande (DTU Electro)

Engineering Physics

Head of Studies: Professor Rafael Taboryski (DTU Nanolab)


Head of Studies

Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen Groupleader, Professor

Head of Studies

Martin Dufva

Martin Dufva Groupleader, Associate Professor

Head of Studies

Jens E. Wilhjelm

Jens E. Wilhjelm Professor emeritus

Head of Studies

Andrew Urquhart

Andrew Urquhart Groupleader, Associate Professor

Study Secretary

Dorthe Foss Lillelund

Dorthe Foss Lillelund Office clerk / Study secretary

Study Secretary / PA

Antonia Celinah Majlund Bjørstorp

Antonia Celinah Majlund Bjørstorp Senior academic officer, study secretary/ PA for Head of Education