Research Section


Head of Section: Ole Lund

In the Section for Bioinformatics, we combine knowledge of biology with informatics to study questions that are often relevant to human health but equally often of a fundamental nature. The groups of the Section cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from personalized medicine where we, predict the optimal treatment based on an individual’s genomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic data, to machine learning applied to receptor-ligand interactions in biological systems. This is done in close collaboration with research, industrial and medical partners with a focus on keeping our research as relevant as possible.

An important part of our research output are the prediction servers and bioinformatics tools, which are made available to the public on the Bioinformatic Services page.

As bioinformatics has become an essential competence to perform almost all biomedical and biotechnological research we teach a range of interdisciplinary courses at all levels and are also responsible for the Master program Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

Head of Section: