We educate tomorrow’s engineers in health technology

Education is an important part of the Department for Health Technology. We are dedicated to developing and providing world-class education.
The department’s outstanding research profile, the didactical skills of our staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure provide a solid foundation for educating tomorrow’s health tech engineers

DTU Health Tech coordinates Bachelor and Master programmes, and runs various courses, summer schools and continuing education activities.
Finally, we educate PhD students. Currently, app. 150 PhD Students are affiliated with DTU Health Tech.
Bastian Epp

Passionate lecturer with an eye for the individual

Bastian Epp is passionate about eliciting that special look a student gets when they understand the nature of something complex. And he’ll go to great lengths to achieve that. That is why he has been named Lecturer of the Year 2021.




Biomedical Prototyping

The development of new biomedical instrumentation requires expertise in a range of scientific disciplines, including biology, medicine, electronics, mechanics, software, and (increasingly) optics. In this hands-on course, participants combine knowledge and practical skills from each of these fields to design, construct and test a bioimaging instrument

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