Medical luminescence dosimetry

The ionizing radiation dosimetry section at DTU Health Tech develops special luminescence dosimetry systems aimed at applications within the field of medical physics. Our main method is based on organic plastic scintillators or aluminium oxide crystals attached to optical fiber cables. These point detectors are well suited for time-resolved in vivo measurements, for example, during brachytherapy of cervical cancer patients. The plastic scintillator detector systems are mainly used for output factor measurements in small MV fields.

The optical fibers have a diameter of 1 mm and special adapters have been developed for positioning the probes.

DTU Optical fiber probe with an Al2O3:C crystal

Solid-water phantom with ionization chamber and two optical fiber probes. 

Optical fibers in solid-water phantom ready for linac irradiations.

The ME30 instrument developed at DTU Nutech for radioluminescence dosimetry with Al2O3:C. 

The ME30 reader instrument developed at DTU Nutech.

Special version of the ME30 with four fiber probes,

ME30 instrument radioluminescence dosimetry with four Al2O3:C fiber probes.


    Claus E. Andersen
    Senior researcher
    DTU Health Tech
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    Christina Ankjærgaard
    Head of Dosimetry, senior researcher
    DTU Health Tech
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