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DTU Health Tech's research groups have a number of close collaboration partners from knowledge institutions in- and outside Denmark.

Collaboration with research groups from other universities and research institutions provides new perspectives on the research that takes place at DTU, and the exchange of knowledge ensures that our research is always at the forefront.

DTU has a number of research alliances in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, of which many also have established collaboration with DTU Health Tech. We are frequently part of international consortia for grant applications to for example EU, NIH etc.

If you are interested in entering into a research collaboration with us, we are always open for dialogue. Read more about our many research activities here.

DTU's Alliance Partners

Through the last decade, DTU has established strategic partnerships and alliances with a handful of selected international elite universities.

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Selected cases

National partnership about health research

New knowledge about the relationship between structure and function in the human body through ultra high-field MR

Strategic partnership agreement to strengthen research collaboration between Denmark and Australia