Research Section

Experimental and Translational Immunology (XTI)

Acting Head of Section: Peter M.H. Heegaard

In the section of Experimental and Translational Immunology (xTI) we strive to understand immune mechanisms of relevance for disease, and design strategies to revert the underlying immune defects or alterations. We have specific focus on the development of new technologies to improve the interrogations of immune cells. As such we make use of advanced polychromatic flow cytometry, cell sorting, sequencing of bulk or single cell populations, genetic and transcriptomic analyses, in vitro immune assay and in vivo experimental models. The section is primarily composed of experimental immunologist, combined with technical specialists and bioinformaticians. The section is composed of 6 research groups, each with their individual focus to fulfil the overall ambition.

We have a strong interaction among the research groups within the section. This is facilitated by weekly internal immunological seminar, where research finding are presented across the groups. Furthermore we are hosting an External Immunology seminar series with invitation of prominent researcher in the field, primarily international speakers.

Acting Head of Section: