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MEMS Applied Sensors Group

The scientific efforts of the MEMS group are focused on advancing medical ultrasound imaging by researching capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) as an alternative to the commonly used piezo electric transducers.

The MEMS group has developed both linear array and row-column based CMUT transducers fabricated using silicon based nano and microfabrication. Major accomplishments include:

  • Development of robust and stable processes for CMUT fabrication in the DTU Nanolab cleanroom for both fusion and anodic bonded devices
  • Development of analytical and finite elements models for design of CMUT arrays
  • Fabrication of six generations of linear array medium frequency probes and one high frequency probe
  • Development of five generations of row-column transducers for 3-D ultrasound imaging using integrated apodization for the first time
  • Established a laboratory for characterization of CMUT devices both on wafer level and on single chip
  • Established a packaging laboratory for assembly of ultrasound probes





Erik Vilain Thomsen
DTU Health Tech
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