Liposomes for delivery of Radiopharmaceuticals

Liposomes are nanoparticles that can be designed to be stable carriers of potent drugs to diseased tissue upon intravenous administration.

Their biodistribution and pharmacokinetivs can easily be modified by changing their composition, size, surface charge and targeting properties. Radiolabeled liposomes can be used to evaluate the in vivo behaviour of different liposome formulations, as well as for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. This PhD project is focused on developing a novel liposome based drug delivery system that has the ability to accumulate at tumor tissues and hereafter deliver encapsulated radionuclides to the nucleus of the cancer cells. For the initial experiments we will label the liposomes with 64Cu. 64Cu is a PET- and SPECT imaging agent and an effective Auger-electron emitter for radiotherapy.