Jobs at DTU Health Tech

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Development and Realization of Cellulose Particles for Oral Drug Delivery DTU Health Tech 23 MAY 22
Polymer Engineer / Chemist with focus on 3D Printing Materials (Student Assistant) DTU Health Tech 24 MAY 22
Postdoc in Immunoinformatic Methods for Prediction of T Cell Receptor Specificity DTU Health Tech 27 MAY 22
Research Assistant in Hearing Screening and Data Processing DTU Health Tech 30 MAY 22
PhD Scholarship in Data Science Pipeline for Cardiovascular Diseases DTU Health Tech 31 MAY 22
PhD Scholarship in Bioinformatics DTU Health Tech 14 JUN 22
Postdoc in Developing Molecular Diagnostic Assays DTU Health Tech 15 JUN 22
Postdoc - Functionalized Nanomaterials loaded CRISPR for Killing Targeted Pathogenic Bacteria DTU Health Tech 01 JUL 22
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