About us

Stronger position for health tech research at DTU

Department of Health Technology was established 1 January 2019

The department focuses on creating world-class health technology research, education and innovation. Our unique cross-disciplinary academic environment with competences in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science and nuclear technologies is an important factor in achieving this goal.

Likewise, the department is involved in numerous projects with partners from industry, the health sector and other universities. Collaboration that is urging our competencies and professionalism to the forefront, which in turn also leads to even better research results and better teaching. In addition, our projects and collaboration often lead to new innovative solutions and technologies that are useful for patients and the healthcare sector.

Examples include:

  • Design of new materials for healthcare products
  • Sensors and devices that can be utilized in screening for early indicators of disease or for creating new imaging methodology of humans organs and tissues
  • New technologies for restoring impaired human organ function
  • New therapies for treating disease - and advanced data analysis that enables anything from better 3D imaging of patient tissues, to finding the causes of disease, or even provide novel treatment strategies.

DTU Health Tech is organised in four academic divisions:

  • Biopharma: Immunotherapy/immunology, vaccine development, drug delivery, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, preclinical animal models
  • Imaging & Sensors: Medical imaging, biophotonics, medical devices, sensors, diagnostics platforms, biomaterials
  • Digital Health: Pervasive computing, bioinformatics, signal processing, precision and predictive medicine, personalized health, wearables, supercomputing solutions for big omicsdata, genomics
  • Hevesy Lab and Dosimetry