Metasurface in interferometer

Optical metasurface mounted in optical interferometer to measure phase modulation in transmission.

Optofluidic platform

Optofluidic platform for chromosome analysis

MonaLisa demo - Laser printing optical metasurfaces

Laser printing optical metasurfaces – Laser radiation is resonantly absorbed. Shape, size and crystallinity are modified opto-thermal processes.


Research group of Professor Anders Kristensen.

The integration and interplay between optical and fluidic functionalities defines the field of Optofluidics.

We do research in nano-optics and -fluidics for new sensing and actuation schemes. Our nanophotonics research is centered around optical metasurfaces and photonic crystals enabling ultra-thin, flat optical elements to address applications within biomedical devices. These optical elements are integrated with micro- and nanofluidics for compact sensor platforms. Our research is complemented by technology development within nanofabrication.


Anders Kristensen
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 63 31