Modeling of Nano- and Biophysical Systems

We use physics, math, and statistics to model nano- and biophysical systems, with a particular focus on devices for healthcare. 

Research topics include, e.g., nanofluidics, optical mapping of DNA, DNA in confinement, and cell motility.

Almost all projects involve collaboration with experimentalists and analysis of experimental data (e.g, images and time series).

A current research theme is trapping and characterizing of biological or synthetic nanoparticles in a nanofluidic device by a salt gradient.

Our first paper was published in Nature Communications in May 2020 (with M.K. Rasmussen and R. Marie)


Previous research includes optical mapping of DNA in a nanofluidic device. We demonstrated that it is possible to detect structural variations in the range from kbp to Mbp in individual DNA molecules, and even make optical maps of DNA from individual cells


We are also involved in the Cost-efficient pre-screening system for virus infections (PRESORTproject. 


Selected publications 


Research published between 2009-2019 was performed in the group Stochastic Systems and Signals (PI H. Flyvbjerg). 



Jonas Nyvold Pedersen
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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