Research Group

Pharmaceutical Technology

Group leader: Line Hagner Nielsen

The Pharmaceutical Technology group is part of the Drug Delivery and Sensing (IDUN) section.

In the Pharmaceutical Technology group, we are developing, characterizing and testing drug delivery systems for the purpose of producing non-invasive delivery systems for drugs and vaccines for example for oral, buccal and nasal drug administration.

We work with the development of particles, multilayered patches and hydrogels for drug delivery, and we in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo test and characterize these developed systems.


Among others, we are utilizing spray drying, 3D printing, casting and microfluidics for the development of the drug delivery systems. Further, we are characterizing and testing the systems for example in terms of size, mucoadhesion, drug release, mechanical properties and drug permeability.


The vision for the group is to: Perform research which can develop into pharmaceutical interventions that can change the world and serve to have better life quality for patients.


Ongoing research projects

Targeted oral delivery of CAF09b

We investigate particulated platforms as delivery systems for oral administration of vaccines.

In collaboration with: Signe Tandrup Schmidt and Gabriel Kristian Pedersen, SSI and Holger Grohganz, University of Copenhagen

Cellulose particles for oral drug delivery to the colon

We develop cellulose microparticles for drug delivery to the colon after oral administration.

Funded by DTU Alliance scholarship and Danish National Research Foundation

In collaboration with: Anran Mao and Anna Hanner, KTH Stockholm and Anton A. A. Autzen, DTU Health Tech

Development of Multifunctional Biomaterial Patches for Buccal Delivery of Peptides

We develop and characterize multilayered patches for buccal delivery of GLP-1

Funded by: Horizon Europe

In collaboration with: This project is a Horizon Europe funded project called ‘Buccal-Pep’ ( and coordinated by Prof. David Brayden, UCD Dublin.

The projects performed at DTU Health Tech are in collaboration with: Leticia Hosta-Rigau, DTU Health Tech, Stephan Sylvest Keller, DTU Nanolab and Jette Jacobsen at University of Copenhagen

Targeting nasal biofilms with in situ hydrogels

Here, we develop nasal sprays incorporating antibiotics and these form gels when introduced into the sinuses and thereby, combating bacterial biofilms locally in the sinuses. 

Funded by: Independent Research Fund Denmark – a Sapere Aude grant

In collaboration with: Prof. Lars Jelsbak,  DTU Bioengineering; Claus Ernst Moser, Copenhagen University Hospitals/University of Copenhagen; Regina Scherließ, Kiel University; Fatemeh Ajalloueian, DTU Health Tech

Microneedles for drug delivery

Development of various types of microneedles for drug delivery to the skin and to the buccal administration site.

In collaboration with: Stephan Sylvest Keller, DTU Nanolab

Line Hagner Nielsen is an Associate Professor at Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the head of the research group ‘Pharmaceutical Technology’. 
Line is educated as a pharmacist from University of Copenhagen in 2008. After being 1 ½ year at a pharmacy in Copenhagen, she started a PhD within drug formulation development for microdevices for oral drug delivery (2009-2013). After 1 year postdoc at University of Copenhagen, Line moved to DTU and received a 3½ year individual postdoc and research talent grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research for the project ‘Microcontainers for Oral Vaccine Delivery’. In 2017, Line was appointed Assistant Prof. followed by being promoted to Associate Prof. in 2019 both at DTU. She has mainly been working with development of drug and vaccine formulations and drug delivery devices for oral and buccal drug and vaccine delivery. In 2019, Line received a H.C. Oersted Research Talent Prize and in 2023, she received a grant from the Hoerslev Foundation and a Sapere Aude grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark. 
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