News about Hearing Systems in 'Hørelsen'

fredag 10 sep 21


Torsten Dau
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
45 25 39 77

This month, the Magazine Hørelsen from the Danish Hard of Hearing Organization brings two articles (in Danish):
An interview with Torsten Dau
about the close collaboration between DTU, the hearing aid industry and the hospitals.
There is also an article about Anna Josefine Munch's PhD thesis, which is about the effects of noise and hearing loss on conversational dynamics.

Read the interview with Torsten Dau here.
(Tæt samarbejde mellem DTU, industri og læger)

Read the article about the Josefine’s project here.
(Høreapparatet forbedrer den verbale dans)

Read more about Anna Josefine’s PhD project here (in English).

Anna Josefine Munch Sørensen explaining her research. The study investigated how to measure communication between two people, as well as the effect of using a hearing aid.

Photo: Niclas Janßen

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