PhD project by Isabel Ulmert

Name: Isabel Ulmert
Project Title: Transcriptional regulation of mucosal dendritic cell activation 
Group: Mucosal immunity to viruses
Supervisor: Katharina Lahl 

Project Description: 
The mucosal surfaces such as the gut and lungs, are a unique environment where non-responsiveness to harmless antigens needs to be continually maintained while at the same time providing protective immune responses against invading pathogens. This intricate flexibility is in part maintained by dendritic cells (DCs) that sense and direct the effector arm of the immune system to uphold the balance between tolerogenic and inflammatory responses. DCs are dived into two major subsets, which in turn differ widely in their genetic dependencies and capacity of inducing immune responses. This project aims to deeper understand the transcriptional network that governs DC subset fate decision and specialized subset function, as well as to further explore the downstream targets and upstream regulators of certain genetic pathways. 

By dictating the nature of the immune responses, DCs could be key targets for vaccinations against bacteria and viruses, as well as intervention strategies for states of immune dysbiosis and disease. However, too little is known at this point. Understanding fundamental aspects of how the immune system is initiated, will provide a rational basis for the design of novel therapies in various clinical conditions.


Lina Isabel Haidhar Ulmert
DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Katharina Lahl
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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