PhD project by Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen

Name: Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen
Project Title: Simultaneous electrophysiological measurements with auditory narrow-band stimuli: investigation of clinical consequences of interactions at the level of the auditory pathway
Hearing Systems
Supervisor(s): Torsten Dau, James M. Harte & Søren Laugesen

Project Description:
This industrial PhD project is in collaboration with Interacoustics A/S. The main objective of this project is to investigate an optimized electrophysiological method for faster hearing evaluation in infants that fail the initial hearing screening. Hearing threshold estimation in infants requires the use of objective measures, where electrical activity in response to a sound is picked up by surface electrode placed on the scalp. Electrophysiological measures are preferably performed in natural sleep, therefore the measurement must be time efficient. With the current methods, it if often not possible to obtain the full hearing overview in one session, which causes a delay in diagnosis and treatment, as well as increased anxiety among the caregivers of the child. This project will investigate a new method that aims at balancing short testing time and diagnostic value using simultaneous stimulation in several frequency bands at once.

After a ‘proof of concept’ the detailed consequences and interactions among stimulus frequency bands in the auditory pathway will be investigated by experimental work in populations with normal hearing and hearing loss.

With the growing adoption of newborn hearing screening programs worldwide, the demand for a faster yet reliable follow-up test is increasing. The optimized electrophysiological method investigated here has the potential to become the new Gold Standard for objective hearing evaluation in infants.



Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen
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Torsten Dau
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Søren Laugesen
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