Scott Charles Aker

PhD project by Scott Charles Aker

Name: Scott Charles Aker
Project Title: Electro-tactile hearing: Using tactile stimulation to improve music perception in cochlear implant users
Group: Music and Cochlear Implants
Supervisors: Jeremy Marozeau, Hamish Innes-Brown, Kathleen Scalzo, Marianna Vatti

Project Description: 
Example: Recently, many perceptual and neurological links have been found between the auditory system, which allows us to listen to sound, and haptic system, which allows us to perceive texture. The project investigates the feasibility, methodology, and principles of design of a device which could potentially supplement and enhance music listening with tactile vibrations and other physical sensations.

Example: Cochlear implants have changed the lives of many hearing-impaired listeners by bypassing large portions of the auditory system and directly stimulating the auditory nerve with electrical signals. However, while cochlear implants are effective for aiding speech understanding, many finer nuances of sound such as pitch and timbre are lost to the detriment of music perception and enjoyment. An inexpensive, non-implanted device that utilizes tactile vibrations could be used enhance music listening and increase the music enjoyment of cochlear implant users.



Jeremy Marozeau
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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