Jihwan Youn

PhD project by Jihwan Youn

Name: Jihwan Youn
Project Title: Ultrasound Super-resolution Imaging using Deep Learning
Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging
Jørgen Arendt Jensen, Matthias Bo Stuart, Ole Winther

Project Description:

This project aims to incorporate deep learning techniques with ultrasound super-resolution imaging (SRI). Ultrasound SRI achieves less than a half-wavelength resolution by detecting and tracking individual microbubbles (MBs), injected intravenously as a contrast agent. However, the MB detection is still diffraction limited, so the MB concentration should be kept low, and this requires a very long data acquisition time. Deep learning can be employed to detect MBs closer than the diffraction limit. It will allow us to identify highly concentrated MBs and shorten the data acquisition time enormously, which makes ultrasound SRI more feasible in the clinic.


Ultrasound SRI is not available in the clinic yet, but it has high potential as a breakthrough in medical imaging. It creates stunning microvasculature images that are impossible for conventional ultrasound imaging. Also, the blood velocities, as well as the vessel structure, are accessible from ultrasound SRI. Its applications in the clinic are tremendous, such as the diagnosis of early-stage cancer or ischemia-reperfusion injury.


Jihwan Youn
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Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Matthias Bo Stuart
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Ole Winther
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