Madhu Veettikazhy

PhD project by Giovanna Nunes Vilaza

Name:  Giovanna Nunes Vilaza
Project Title:  Open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring and visual analytics for mental health
Group: Personalized Health Technology
Supervisor: Jakob Bardram

Project Description:
Passive data collected from smartphones, such as time spent on screen, location and text messages can be used for the assessment of affective states and behaviours. Such personal and detailed data can be employed as a tool for self-reflection, an approach often used for encouraging behavioural change. Further uses of the data may involve opening the access of the self-tracked data to clinicians, peers, family members or researchers. However, such sensitive data contains intimate details of the individuals' lives, which can result in uncomfortable disclosures. A major issue with data containing mental health assessments is the social stigma and discrimination that may come with it. This often leads to the reluctance to be part of behavioural monitoring initiatives, even though they could be beneficial for the understanding of mental illnesses. Therefore, the contribution of this PhD comes in the form of design guidelines that can inform the development of future open access platforms. The methodological approach involves putting potential participants of such platforms in the center of the design process.

Sharing personal data about daily behaviours and mental health can be useful for clinical monitoring, peer-support and science, but such disclosure may also bring negative consequences. How can we design open-access platforms that are beneficial for individuals and society? This project takes an ethics perspective to the development of open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring.



Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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