Alex Sanz Perez

PhD project by Alez Sanz Pérez

Name: Alex Sanz Pérez
Project Title: Optimization of adoptive cell transfer in the preclinical setting: development of an in vivo imaging system
Thomas L. Andresen and Anders E. Hansen

Project description:
The scope of this PhD project is to genetically engineer murine T cells for subsequent non-invasive in vivo imaging following adoptive transfer into a mouse. An imaging transgene developed in the lab of Professor Sanjiv Sam Gambhir at Stanford University, CA, US will be used to track T cells through fluorescence, bioluminescence, and PET scanning. To do so, a stable transduction of T cells with a second-generation lentiviral system as well as the CRISPR-Cas9 technique will be performed.

Overall, the successful completion of this PhD project will allow for a thorough analysis of T cell kinetics, and how these are affected by the immune-gels or nanoparticles, enabling the validation of such cancer immune therapies. Ultimately, this will add great value to a high number of ongoing and prospective research projects in the group.


Alex Sanz Pérez
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