Raju Maharjan

PhD project by Raju Maharjan

Name: Raju Maharjan
Project Title: Speech-Enabled Conversational Agents to Support the Self-Report of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Group: Personalized Health Technology
Supervisors: Jakob Eyvind Bardram and Per Bækgaard

Project Description: 
The assessment of affective, behavioral, and social functioning in individuals relies almost entirely on self-reported measures such as daily diary logging and screening scales like the WHO-5 and the PHQ-9. While these measures are have traditionally been administered using pen and paper and recently through graphical user interfaces including web and mobile apps, and are considered, and have been shown, to enable accessible and efficient practices of self-monitoring and self-report, recent advancement in speech recognition technology, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing have made it possible for conversational agents to deliver a human-like conversation. This anthropomorphic characteristics of conversational agents could engage users in a therapeutic conversation that can in turn encourage users to disclose more accurate, honest and insightful disclosures of emotional experiences. This project aims to examine conversational agents’ feasibility to support the self-report of mental health and wellbeing and understand users' perspectives on such technology.” 

This project will explore the feasibility of the speech-based modality in self-reporting practice and outline a set of guidelines to design a conversational agent to support self-report of mental health and wellbeing through a mixed method research design.



Jakob Eyvind Bardram
Sektionsleder, Professor
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Per Bækgaard
DTU Compute
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