Sara Garcia

PhD project by Sara Garcia

Name: Sara Garcia
Project Title: Integration of omics and clinical data for prediction of treatment outcomes
Group: Disease Data Intelligence
Supervisor: Ramneek Gupta

Project Description:
At the moment I am working on a machine learning model to predict development of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in testicular cancer patients, integrating clinical and genomics data.

Other of my main works will be on bioinformatics of ayurvedic medicine sources and treatment response stratification in arthritis rheumatoid. The goals of this study are to, in collaboration with Indian scientists, a) determine compounds and mixtures that show efficacy in a controlled randomized trial, b) advanced data integration of genomics, clinical factors and metagenomics, in order to build predictive frameworks of treatment outcomes for learning prognostic factors, and c) bridge ayurvedic concepts of compounds/substances showing efficacy with western medical understanding, relating treatment concepts at a molecular or biological pathways level.

The implementation of these models in the clinic, together with medical expertise, will allow medical doctors to give a more personalized treatment for each patient, knowing beforehand which treatment is better to each individual based on their genomics and clinical profile.


Ramneek Gupta
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi