Matilda Weywadt

PhD project by Matilda Weywadt

Name: Matilda Felicia de Val Weywadt
Project Title: Drug delivery of cancer immunotherapeutics
Group: CBIO
Supervisor: Thomas Lars Andresen

Project description:
This PhD project is part of a larger effort focused on better understanding of the effect of immunotherapeutics on the tumor microenvironment to improve treatment outcome. More specifically, this PhD project aims to encapsulate nucleotide based TLR-agonists in liposomes for intratumoral injection to reactivate suppressed tumor-resident immune cells and thus clear out cancer cells from within. It is further aimed to combine the developed liposome formulations with other therapy forms, such as radiotherapy.

The intratumoral delivery of TLR agonists is believed to be capable of reactivating tumor-suppressed immune cells. In combination with other therapies, this reactivation may enable the immune system to eradicate the cancer cells in the patient.


Thomas Lars Andresen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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