Camilla Stavnsbjerg

PhD project by Camilla Stavnsbjerg

Name: Camilla Stavnsbjerg
Project Title: Development of novel drug delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy 
Group: CBIO 
Supervisors: Thomas Lars Andresen and Anders Elias Hansen

Project Description: 
The main object of my project is to develop novel anti-cancer treatments combining the delivery of immunologic adjuvants and radiation therapy. The goal of this combination treatment is to create an in-situ vaccine capable of mounting an immune response that can eradicate cancer in murine tumour models. 

Immunotherapy treatments curing cancer in tumour models have translational potential and can possibly lead to the development of new anti-cancer immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients.    


Thomas Lars Andresen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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Anders Elias Hansen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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