Sriram Thoppe Rajendran

PhD project by Sriram T. Rajendran

Name: Sriram Thoppe Rajendran
Project Title: Sensors on disc
Group: Drug delivery and Sensing
Supervisor: Anja Boisen, Kinga Zor, Tomas Rindzevicius

Project Description: 
The main objective of this PhD project is to develop electrochemical sensing strategies for drug delivery through in-vitro models (e.g., CaCO-2 cells) and ex-vivo model (porcine intestine). 

In-vitro approaches
Electrodes incorporated on the disc will be an essential tool for continuous monitoring of mammalian cell growth / bacterial biofilms in the lab-on-disc platform. Furthermore, this platform can also be used for various applications such as measuring analytes in cell supernatant, drug dissolution from µcontainers, etc. The detection is based on electrochemical measurements via a custom-made wireless, smartphone controlled electrochemical lab-on-a-disc platform. 

Ex-vivo approaches
Several ex-vivo methods (e.g., Franz cells) are used for the evaluation of drug permeation through the small intestine. Yet, very little is known about the effect and interaction of drugs with the enzymes (e.g., native catalase) present in the gut. In the current study, we will explore the application of an electrochemical O2 sensor for studying the effect of drugs (e.g., paracetamol) on the native catalase in the intestinal tissues. Understanding this interaction might add new perspectives in oral drug delivery.




Sriram Thoppe Rajendran
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Anja Boisen
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Kinga Zor
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Tomas Rindzevicius
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