Dennis Pedersbæk

PhD project by Dennis Pedersbæk

Name: Dennis Pedersbæk
Project Title: Reconstituted high-density lipoproteins for immuno- and chemotherapeutic drug delivery
Group: CBIO
Supervisor: Jens Bæk Simonsen

Project Description: 
The project aims to develop reconstituted high-density lipoproteins (rHDL) applicable for both cancer immuno- and chemotherapy. The rHDL mimics the biological HDL, which are endogenous particles that, amongst other things, are involved in the transport of hydrophobic molecules, e.g. cholesterol, in the circulatory system. The rHDL exhibit properties similar to the HDL, which include long circulation time and recognition by cellular receptors, thus making them promising candidates for carriers in potent drug delivery systems. It is the intention of the PhD project to design rHDL, which can target and deliver therapeutic payloads to both cancer and immune cells by utilizing the fact that some of the receptors that mediate cellular uptake of lipids from HDL are highly expressed in many types of cancer cells and in some immune cells.

The development of a rHDL drug delivery platform could prove valuable for treatment of various diseases, including cancer and atherosclerosis.