Simone Pærregaard

PhD project by Simone Pærregaard

Name: Simone Isling Pærregaard
Project Title: Characterization of intestinal stromal cells
Group: Mucosal Immunology
Supervisor: William Winston Agace

Project Description:
The main objective of this project is to phenotypically, functionally, and developmentally characterize murine intestinal stromal cells. These cells are increasingly being recognized as crucial in maintaining the integrity of the gut barrier, as well as being important regulators of immune cell development and function. Therefore, they are also suggested to be players in the very debilitating inflammatory bowel diseases, and they could serve as a potential new target in the treatment of these. Despite this, our understanding of their ontogeny, heterogeneity, and function remain limited. 

By single cell RNA sequencing, flow cytometry and state-of-the-art animal models; we try to characterize these cells in depth, enabling us to further explore their functional importance as regulators of the mucosal immune system in health and disease. Such knowledge would not only improve the stromal cell biology field and offer a basis for further exploration, but also provide a better understanding of the environment the gut immune cells are residing in, and potentially open up for new therapeutical avenues in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.


William Winston Agace
Gruppeleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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