Martin Ommen

PhD project by Martin L. Ommen

Name: Martin Lind Ommen
Project Title: Micromachined 2D Transducers and Phantoms for 3D Super-resolution Ultrasound Imaging
Group: MEMS Applied Sensors
Supervisor: Erik V. Thomsen

Project Description: 
The core of the project revolves around super-resolution ultrasound imaging, which is imaging of structures smaller than the diffraction limit of conventional ultrasound transducers. It contains two main focuses, namely optimisation of 2D ultrasound transducers for 3D imaging, with tailoring of parameters to suit super-resolution imaging, and fabrication of 3D phantoms mimicking tissue structures, including the smallest vessels in the body, which are around a factor of ~25 too small to image using the conventional ultrasound imaging techniques.

These systems will be important for a number of reasons. A few examples are that detailed investigations of angiogenesis can potentially reveal the progression of tumor-growth, as well as the effect of tumor-medication. It will be possible to observe and precisely outline the location of necrotic tissue, without the need for invasive surgery. It will also enable detailed studies of vasculatory diseases, providing quantitative measures for restricted flow in the vessel.


Martin Lind Ommen
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Erik Vilain Thomsen
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