Naim Mansour

PhD Project Naim Mansour

Name: Naim Mansour
Project Title: Assessing Hearing Device Benefit using Virtual Sound Environments
Group: Hearing Systems
Supervisors: Marton Marschall, Adam Westermann, Tobias May, Torsten Dau

Project Description:
In this project, a novel framework for evaluating hearing and the performance of hearing aids is developed, guided by principles of ecological validity and experimental realism. This includes the selection of sound scenarios based on hearing aid users’ real-world experience, as well as their acquisition and reproduction using state-of-the-art sound field recording and reproduction techniques inside a virtual sound environment. Within these reproduced sound scenarios, various listening tasks are then implemented to investigate the effects of more realistic testing on various objective and psychoacoustic outcome measures.

Currently, hearing aids are mainly evaluated and optimized using relatively artificial test conditions and stimuli. These laboratory-based tests typically do not capture features of real-world acoustic environments such as reverberation, nor do they consider the importance of cognitive processing and comprehension by the user. Consequently, hearing devices might function differently in the real world compared to manufacturers’ expectations. This PhD project aims to bridge the gap between laboratory-based tests and real-world listening by using virtual sound environments, and creating scenarios and tasks that are representative of the difficulties faced by hearing aid users in their daily lives.



Marton Marschall
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Torsten Dau
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