Serhii Kostrikov

PhD project by Serhii Kostrikov

Name: Serhii Kostrikov
Project Title: Development of Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for the Brain
Group: CBIO
Supervisor: Thomas Lars Andresen and Casper Hempel

Project Description:
The ultimate goal of the project is to develop an efficient drug delivery system to glioblastoma multiforme  (GBM)– the most lethal brain tumor. The project consists of two stages: first stage is focused on an in-depth investigation into glioblastoma blood-tumor barrier’s ultrastructure and functioning and the second one is devoted to the implementation of the obtained knowledge for designing nanocarriers capable to specifically target glioblastoma tissue.

High selectivity of blood-tumor barrier remains one of the main obstacles on the way of development successful treatment strategies for GBM. Therefore the project is addressing very important questions of GBM endothelium pathobiology and development of highly-specific nanocerriers to target GBM tissue, what makes the project outcomes also interesting for further clinical translation.


Serhii Kostrikov
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Thomas Lars Andresen
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