Muhammad Tahir Jamal

PhD project by Muhammad Tahir Jamal

Name: Muhammad Tahir Jamal
Project Title: High Power Frequency Converted Tapered Diode Lasers
Biophotonic Imaging
Ole B. Jensen, Anders K. Hansen, Peter E. Andersen

Project Description:

The main objective of this project is to develop compact and efficient high power diode lasers in the blue-green spectral region by exploring a number of different approaches like nonlinear frequency conversion of high power tapered laser diodes. The means of increasing the efficiency and output power of the frequency conversion process, for example by coherent and/or spectral combining of several tapered laser diodes will be investigated. Frequency stabilization techniques and external cavity power enhancement will also be considered to increase nonlinear conversion efficiency. A special focus will be on ensuring low intensity noise operation, which is critical for the bio-photonic imaging applications.


For multimodal bio-photonic imaging, Titanium Sapphire (Ti:Sa) lasers are excellent light sources that enable the combination of optical coherence tomography, multi-photon microscopy and other imaging modalities. However, the critical limiting factor in the performance, price and compactness of the Ti:Sa laser is its internal pump source, a high power green laser. The developed blue-green laser sources will be used for pumping of ultrafast mode-locked Ti:Sa lasers and subsequently for multimodal bio-photonics imaging. In addition to the pumping application, the blue-green diode lasers can also be used in biomedical treatments.


Peter Eskil Andersen
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Ole Bjarlin Jensen
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Anders Kragh Hansen
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