Rasmus Agerholm

PhD project by Rasmus Agerholm

Name: Rasmus Agerholm
Project Title: Understanding the cellular and molecular cues of γδ T cells
Group: T-cell Signalling and Development
Supervisor: Vasilios Bekiaris

Project Description:
γδ T cells are a unique T cell population balancing on the border between innate and adaptive immunity as they express a functional γδTCR, but don’t require this for their activation. Thus they are able to respond to other stimuli and do so rapidly in a way similar to innate immune cells. To investigate which mechanisms regulate these cells, we have developed a range on transgenic mouse strains. This allows us to look into the function of our molecules of interest during development, homeostasis and induced inflammation.  Combining this with multi colour flow cytometry and other molecular tools we are able to pick apart potential phenotypes we observe in our mice.

One of the first steps of curing a disease is being able to understand what drives it. γδ T cells have been connected to autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and multiple sclerosis in which they are associated with a worsening of outcome, while they have been found to be protective in a number of cancers. As such, being able to understand which factors drive either of these two scenarios could help to manipulate the outcome of different diseases by developing new therapeutics targeting γδ T cells.


Rasmus Agerholm-Nielsen
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