Completed PhD theses

Completed PhD theses from DTU Health Tech will be listed here

Stine E. Birk (2021)

Stine Egebro Birk
Microcontainers for antibiotic delivery to biofilms
PhD billede
Computational Imaging Biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis

Helena Clemmensen (2021)

PhD billede
Differential characteristics of antigens during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection - Implications for next-generation tuberculosis vaccines
PhD billede
Analysis of epistasis in childhood asthma

Jakob Hjørringgaard (2021)

PhD billede
Dosimetry for low energy x-rays: Efficiency of the alanine pellet dosimeter
PhD billede
Towards understanding T cell-mediated killing of cancers:Characteristics of neoantigen-specific T cell recognition in therapeutic settings
PhD billede
Stability, noise and beam shaping of direct and frequency doubled diode lasers for pumping titanium sapphire lasers

Nikolaj Mandsberg (2021)

Nikolaj Mandsberg
Surfaces for Liquid Manipulation

Mette Mosgaard (2021)

Mette Mosgaard
Mucoadhesive microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Dennis Pedersbæk

Evaluation of the interplay between biomimetic high-density lipoproteins for drug delivery and the biological system

Simone Pærregaard
Assessment of stromal cell diversity and development in the mouse intestinal Mucosa

Martin K. Rasmussen (2021)

Martin Kjærulf Rasmussen
Capture, characterization and reactions of nanoparticles in a diffusionphoretic trap

Birkir Reynisson (2021)

PhD billede

Integration of multi-allele MHC II eluted ligands for robust prediction of CD4 epitopes

Roman Slipets
Development of versatile Raman spectroscopy system for characterization of drug delive devices and SERS a lications

Arianna Toppi (2021)

Arianna Toppi
Fabrication of Microdroplet Arrays applied to Single Molecule Counting for the Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Blood-Based Biomarkers
Milena Vujović
Statistical Modelling of TCR Repertoires: Novel methods for analysis and guidance of immunotherapy

Jihwan Youn (2021)

PhD billede
Data-driven Ultrasound Localization Microscopy using Deep Learning

PhD billede
Molecular cues of gamma delta T cells

Juan J. Armenteros (2020)

PhD billede
The subcellular journey: Predicting the destination of proteins using deep learning
Salime Bazban-Shotorbani

Towards Biomicrofluidic Models of Endothelial Dysfunction for Nanotherapy Screening

PhD billede
Preclinical evaluation of drug delivery systems for immunotherapy

Rie Kjær Christensen (2020)

Rie Kjær Christensen
Engineering cardiac microenvironments for functional drug safety screening

Søren Diederichsen (2020)

Sørem Diederichsen
Micromachined integrated transducers for ultrasound imaging
Xiaotong Feng
Advanced biomimetic materials for sensing and biomedical application

Pegah Hafiz (2020)

PhD billede

Pervasive Computing Technologies for Ambulatory Cognitive Assessment

Ulla Kring Hansen (2020)

Ulla Kring Hansen
Characterisation of mutated and viral tumor epitopes and their implication in checkpoint inhibitor therapy
Andreas Havreland
Micromachined Integrated 2D Transducers for Ultrasound Imaging
Mie Hübbe
Preclinical evaluation of adoptive T cell therapy and liposomal tumour antigen vaccination as a combinatorial cancer immunotherapy
PhD billede
Genomic and metagenomic analysis of microbial agents causing infective endocarditis

Emma Jappe (2020)

PhD billede

Exploring predictive features of peptide immunogenicity for the design of immunotherapeutics

Morten L. Jepsen

Morten Leth Jepsen

Connected In Vitro Tissue Models for Oral Drug Delivery

Serhii Kostrikov

Analysis of 3D datasets from optically cleared glioblastoma tissues can inform on drug delivery strategies


Martin Kræmer
Prodrugs and Linker Systems for Degradation in Diseased Tissue as part of Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems
PhD billede
Activation and migration characteristics of intestinal dendritic cell subsets
PhD billede
Multimodal Biophotonics Imaging of Cancer Biomarkers
Rasmus Münter
Interactions Between Blood Components and Lipid Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
PhD billede

Improving cochlear implant performance with new pulse shapes: a multidisciplinary approach

PhD billede
Big Data approaches for prediction of clinically relevant outcomes
PhD billede
Metagenomic data stratied using articial intelligence

Alexander N. Olesen

PhD billede

Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Sleep Analysis

Martin Lind Ommen
Micromachined 2D Transducers and Phantoms for 3D Super-resolution Ultrasound Imaging
Kristina Søborg Pedersen
New approaches to 45Ti, 64Cu, 68Ga, and 89Zr purification by liquid-liquid extraction and development of a 45Ti-labeled PET tracer for the diagnosis of prostate cancer
Nadia Viborg Petersen

Interrogating T cells specific to mutated and shared tumor epitopes in mouse and man

PhD billede

Augmenting metagenomic-wide association studies by grouping species that share a functional potential or ecological role

Sriram Thoppe Rajendran
Development of sensors and compact, modular detection units for real-time monitoring in static and microfluidics

Raul Lopez Sanchez (2020)

PhD billede
Clinical auditory profiling and profile-based hearing-aid fitting

Guilherme B. Saturnino (2020)

PhD billede
Computational Modelling and Optimization of Electric Fields Generated by Transcranial Brain Stimulation
PhD billede
Three dimensional flow and micro-flow imaging using Row-Column Arrays
Viktoria Sereti
Nanocolloids and Ultrasound: Applications in Imaging and Treatment of Cancer

Sara Sigurdardottir (2020)

Sara Sigurdardottir

Synthesis of targeting ligands for improved drug delivery to the brain

Camilla Stavnsbjerg

Preclinical evaluation of TLR7/8 agonist drug delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy

Matilda Weywadt (2020)

Mathilda Weywadt

Drug delivery for cancer immunotherapy. The development and evaluation of a versatile platform for delivery of oligodeoxynucleotides for cancer immunotherapy

Laura Serioli Øland
Centrifugal microfluidics for cell-based assays in flow


Axel Ahrens
Characterizing auditory and audio-visual perception in virtual environments
Mohammed Albannay
Triple resonant electromagnetic structures for polarization transfer in DNP
Anthoula Arta

Drug delivery to the retina, Lipidic nanoparticles for the treatment of compromised bloodretinal barrier

PhD billede
Novel technologies for interrogating T cell recognition
Marie Louise Laub Busk
Fabrication and utilisationof solid-phase microdroplet arrays for nucleic acid detection and other applications
PhD billede
Data-driven classification algorithms for identification and characterization of early neurodegeneration

Esben Christensen (2019)

PhD billede
Preclinical Evaluation of Drug Delivery Systems for Immunotherapy
PhD billede
DNA Repair Pathway Aberrationsin Personalized Chemotherapy
PhD billede
Title: Characterizing neural mechanisms of attention-driven speech processing
Francesca Garbarino
Title: Low-cost polymer chip for isothermal amplification assay
Rie Beck Hansen
Parallel imaging for hyperpolarized metabolic magnetic resonance imaging
PhD billede
Investigationof Pharmacological Manipulationon Brain Connectivityi n Rats and Humans for Improvement of Drug Development
PhD billede
Predicting speech perception of normal-hearing and  hearing-impaired listeners 
PhD billede
Translational Informatics in Toxicology
Niclas Alexander Jansen
Binaural Streaming in Cochlear Implant Patients
Lucia Alcala Jimenez
Title: Miniaturized broadband vibration energy harvesting
Ditte E. Jæhger
Preclinical Evaluation of Novel Drug Delivery Platforms for the Improvement of Adoptive T cell Therapy
Jennifer S. Jørgensen
A Preclinical Evaluation of Cancer Treatments -  with focus on drug delivery and combinatorial approaches
PhD billede
Dissecting immune and stromal niches along the length of the human intestine
PhD billede
Metagenomics in wine fermentation
Borys Kowalewski
Assessing the effects of hearing-aid dynamic-range compression on auditory  signal processing and perception 
Ditte Villum Madsen
Liposome-based delivery of chemotherapy and immunotherapy for stimulation of antitumor immunity
Title: Raman spectroscopy in microfluidics
PhD thesis Chiara Mazzoni
Loading and coating of microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Kamilla Kjærgaard Munk
Improved prediction methods for understanding the TCR-peptide-MHC interaction
PhD billede
Computed tomography metal artifact reduction  for radiotherapy using magnetic resonance imaging
Cristina Pasquinelli
Safety and dose estimation of transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation (TFUS)
PhD billede
Title: MHC multimer-binding CD8 T cells:  Optimized detection, automated analysis and identification of antigen specific CD8 T cells in Narcolepsy type 1 
PhD billede

Peptide-MHC-directed expansion of antigen-responsive CD8 T cells using antigen-presenting scaffolds

PhD billede

Identification of T Cell Antigens for Precision-Targeted Immune Therapy of Cancer

John Rizk (2019)

PhD billede
Transciptional and post-translational control of T lymphocytes
Fabio Tentor
Development and Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems  for Oral and Intravaginal Applications 
Maria York-Duran
Title: Design, characterisation and in vitro evaluation of a multicompartment carrier in the submicron range
Lukas Vaut
Additive Manufacturing and Characterization of Mini-Devices for Oral Drug Delivery
Marlitt Viehrig
SERS-based sensing platforms for quantitative detection in liquid 
PhD billede
Advanced Materials for the Delivery of Anti-Cancer Compounds and Imaging Contrast Agents