Miguel Temboury

PhD project by Miguel Temboury Gutierrez

Name: Miguel Temboury Gutierrez
Project Title: Computational modeling of auditory evoked potentials in the hearing-impaired system
Group: Hearing Systems
Supervisors: Torsten Dau and Gerard Encina-Llamas

Project Description: 
Combining computational phenomenological and statistical models, this PhD project focuses on predicting individual auditory evoked responses (EEG and ECochG) and linking them to different types of hearing-impairment and age. The project is connected to the synergy project “Uncovering hidden hearing loss” (UHEAL).

Increasingly more patients diagnosed with ‘normal-hearing’ by the standard pure-tone audiometric test, have difficulties understanding speech. Research suggests that this ‘hidden’ hearing loss is related to ageing, and has different origins and consequences from hearing-sensitivity impairment. It remains a challenge to diagnose ‘hidden’ hearing loss but also other forms of hearing impairment through non-invasive measures, that reflect the status of the neural processing throughout the auditory pathway. Auditory evoked responses measured with EEG, have a low spatial resolution which makes it hard to differentiate between a potential damage occurring in the auditory nerve due to neural degeneration versus a damage of presynaptic hair-cell activity in the cochlea.


Miguel Temboury Gutierrez
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