PhD project by Anja Lykke Borre

Name: Anja Lykke Borre
Project Title: Fast volumetric two-photon in vivo Imaging
Group: Biophotonic Imaging Group
Supervisors: Peter E. Andersen and Dominik Marti

Project Description:
This project works towards depth-resolved real-time volumetric imaging of biological tissue, which will be a powerful tool for e.g. cancer diagnostics or tracking intracellular dynamics. Two-photon imaging offers an increase in imaging depth, less photo-damage and photo-bleaching. Light-sheet microscopy can provide fast volumetric imaging and will be optimized using propagation invariant beam-shaping and structured illumination. In-depth 4D imaging is achieved through a combination of these techniques and data analysis inspired by machine learning. Finally, with future clinical applications in mind, the novel imaging techniques will be performed in vivo.

There are many applications for this imaging technology within life-sciences. An example is imaging in endoscopy. The current methods for investigating colon cancer are limited to white-light imaging of the surface inside the colon and via invasive biopsies. However, early stages of colon cancer develop at the bottom of the colonic crypt, and early cancer diagnostics thus requires imaging at a minimum depth of 300µm. This challenge can be overcome with 4D two-photon imaging and provide non-invasive optical biopsies that pave the ground for early colon cancer diagnostics, which ultimately can increase the patient’s chances of survival and decrease treatment costs.



Anja Lykke Borre
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