PhD project by Jesper Vang

Name: Jesper Vang
Project Title: Whole genome analysis of samples from children diagnosed with cancer
Group: Disease Data Intelligence
Supervisors: Elena Papaleo, Kjeld Schmiegelow, Torben Stamm Mikkelsen and Rikke Linnemann Nielsen

Project Description: 
Here in Denmark, the healthcare system is already advancing into the era of personalized medicine. It provides us with ample opportunities to research in collaboration with leading hospitals.
My project's main objective is to apply advanced computing and artificial intelligence to understand and describe the pharmacogenetic alterations in childhood cancer patients. With over forty chemotherapeutic drugs approved in the current acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) treatment protocol, it is estimated that 15% of all patients have some form of pharmacogenetic interaction. Currently, I strive to develop reliable risk assessment models for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia therapy that predict drug response and toxicities by integrating genetic dispositions and biological data sources. 

Pharmacogenomics is now the staples of personalized medicine as it focuses on how genes and complex gene systems influence responses to drugs. In the coming years, personalized medicine is expected to become increasingly used in healthcare where neural networks and machine learning can provide pharmacogenetic-based recommendations that can support physicians' explanations of results and aid medical care 2.0




Elena Papaleo
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech


Rikke Linnemann Nielsen
Guest researcher
DTU Health Tech