Iman Taghavi

PhD project by Iman Taghavi

Name: Iman Taghavi
Project Title: Ultrasound Super-resolution Imaging
Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging
Jørgen Arendt Jensen and Matthias Bo Stuart


Project Description:
Ultrasound Super-Resolution Imaging (SRI) is an imaging technique that achieves a resolution beyond conventional imaging systems. This technique is a combination of methods such as localization of centroids of contrast agents or microbubbles (MBs) and tracking them down to the very smallest vessels. The uncertainty of centroid detections, the accuracy of compensation for tissue motion and designing a smart tracker with the ability to track complex flows will play an important role in the final super-resolution images. This project aims to study and develop different methods for identifying and isolating MBs, tracking them, and compensating for tissue motion. The result will finally be used to design an optimized super-resolution processing pipeline and to make super-resolution images of micro-vasculature.

SRI is capable of resolving very small vessels and capillary flows that are impossible in conventional ultrasound imaging. In SRI, we track the individual MBs for full visualization of blood vessels structure, flow, and perfusion. The approach has high potential as a breakthrough in medical imaging with clinical applications in diagnoses and treatment of vascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.


Iman Taghavi
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Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Matthias Bo Stuart
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