Christian Jonathan Pless

PhD project by Christian Jonathan Pless

Name: Christian Jonathan Pless
Project: 3D printed flexible electronic sensors for monitoring living in vitro tissue models
Group: Tailored Materials and Tissues (TMAT)
Supervisor: Johan Ulrik Lind

Project Description:
To overcome the limitations of traditional rigid and planar sensory tissue-culture systems, this Ph.D. project explores the additive manufacturing technique direct-ink-writing as an alternative route to fabricate flexible electronic micro sensors  that can be integrated within 3D tissue models. 

Microelectrode-based sensors have become a common tool for investigating physiological properties of in vitro tissue models used in drug safety and efficacy screening. These sensory cell-culture systems are commonly rigid and planar, in contrast to the living tissue. The development of soft, conductive materials for additive manufacturing can potentially serve as the basis for compliant sensory microphysiological systems.


Johan Ulrik Lind
Group Leader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech